Contender Series 'takes it on the road'

March 08, 2017
Anthony Osbourne (right) in a bout with Rikardo Smith in a past season of the Wray and Nephew Contender Series.

Contender boxing fans outside of the Corporate Area, will get a chance to see some live action tonight, when journeyman Anthony Osbourne and aggressive Patrick Miller trade punches at Colonel's Cove in Morant Bay, over six rounds, starting at 7 p.m.

This will be the first of three roadshows that are being put on this year by the promoters of the Wray and Nephew Contender 2017 series, as a prelude to the start of the main competition on April 5.

The other roadshows will be at Island Village on Friday and Breds Sports Park in Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth, March 17.




Osbourne and Miller have both participated in the Contender series and have vowed to give good performances tonight, with the hope that they could perhaps make it into the main competition.

Osbourne, 40, has been a professional since 1998, and has had over 50 fights. His record shows 11 victories 40 losses, and one draw, but he will tell you that many of those losses should have been recorded as victories. He is known to be an excellent defensive fighter and this has led to many of his defeats, as he does not score enough punches to impress the judges.

Miller, who is also 40, said that he will be "coming to fight" and that he is "ready for action."

He has only 10 fights, for a 6-4 record, although he has been in boxing for a long time.

"I am just not able to get more fights so as to improve my record" he lamented, but declared that he had worked hard over the past several weeks, and would be "taking it to Osbourne. I am going for a big win."

There will be three amateur bouts as curtain-raisers to the main event.

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