Video seals Prison Oval altercation

March 17, 2017
Peter Reid, St Catherine Football Association president.

St Catherine Football Association president,Peter Reid is looking to the use of video evidence to decide the outcome of more disciplinary hearings at the FA in the future.

Reid told STAR Sports that video evidence played a major role in their decision to suspend six players from Newland FC and New Raiders for an altercation between the teams last month.

Leon and Roel Taylor and Zavian McGaw of New Raiders, along with Newland's Shemar Narine, Marlon Wright, and Paul Rowe were all slapped with four match bans, and Reid revealed that without video evidence, reaching a decision would have been much more difficult.

"It made a significant difference because traditionally, we depended on referee's report and evidence from the players," Reid said.

"I wasn't involved in the (disciplinary) meeting, but I was told that when players saw themselves on the video, they were silent. They were saying they didn't do anything until the video evidence showed they were culpable and were instigators," he added.




Reid said that his association would like more use of video evidence to decide disciplinary cases in the future.

"Although we might not able to do that at all times because sometimes it (video) is not available, hopefully, in the future, we can have more of it. It's a costly thing, but it's good," he said.

Both clubs were also fined $25,000 and placed on probation for the remainder of the season.

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