Rain, rain go away - Spring, Barbican pray

March 21, 2017
A Manning Cup match between Kingston College and Excelsior High at waterlogged Constant Spring.

Corporate Area football fixtures could be thrown into chaos with at least two main grounds - Barbican and Constant Spring - susceptible to being waterlogged with heavy rains being experienced recently.

Already, the Premier League has been affected as two games were recently called off at either venue - Maverley-Hughenden's home match against Waterhouse at Constant Spring and Boys' Town's fixture at Barbican against champions Montego Bay United.

Both grounds are heavily trafficked. Barbican Sports Complex, located at West Kings House Road, St Andrew, hosts Boys' Town's Premier League games as well as Barbican's Super League matches.

The ground is also set to host games in the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) Under-20 and 17 leagues.

Barbican coach Chris James said he is concerned about the wear and tear of the playing surface, taking into consideration the weather conditions affecting the Corporate Area.

"It's going to depend on the rainfall that we get because with that sort of traffic, it won't hold up," James said.

With constant rainfall, the field becomes a haven of mud, as the grass is trampled and dies, creating headache for groundsmen to get lush green grass growing. Coupled with possible spells of drought later in the year, further headaches loom.




"I'm worried about this, definitely," James said. "Water is the most expensive thing. If we were to water this field every day, we would be spending maybe a quarter-million dollars a month, easily," he pointed out.

Constant Spring, which hosts double-header Friday Night football in the KSAFA Super and Major leagues, in addition to Maverley-Hughenden's Premier League home games, faces similar issues.

Owner Danny Lyn said fixture congestion and weather will put strain on the complex.

"Yes, but you have to be on top of it. You have to maintain it almost every day. Basically, water, top soil, it takes a lot of maintenance to keep the playing area up to par. If the rain falls and there's a game, there's a lot of marks in it and we have to resurface it again. You have to be constantly maintaining it," he said.

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