Shut up or put up - Reid shoots down no-confidence rumblings

March 21, 2017
Peter Reid

Peter Reid, St Catherine Football Association president since 2010, could face a no-confidence vote from his executives and affiliates, who are said to be disgruntled over a lack of adequate sponsorship for competitions and has alleged that referees could soon start withdrawing their services.

An executive member of the FA told STAR Sports that only the Major League is sponsored and clubs are finding it more difficult to make ends meet.

Affiliates, THE STAR source said, including referees, are growing restless with the Reid-led administration.

However, Oneil Clayton chairman of the St Catherine Referee's Association, has insisted his members were not a part of any agenda, as they presently have no issue with Reid and his administration.

"I am surprised it's the first I am hearing of a no-confidence," Clayton said. "I don't know about that and the referees are not a part of it," he declared.

Reid, meanwhile, said those giving out information should stand up and defend their comments instead of hiding behind anonymity.

"I don't know nothing of that (no confidence). That is news to me. The people who are saying these things must come up front. If you are not man enough to talk, don't talk. You must be man enough to speak," he said.

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