March 22, 2017
Hugh Blair


That's the word from Craig Walters, president of Premier League team Maverley-Hughenden, following coach Anthony Patrick's report to STAR Sports of an incident at the club's home ground yesterday morning.

"A meeting was held with the executive body late last night (Monday) and a decision was made to fire Anthony Patrick based on the fact that the players were not playing for him. We wanted to stay with Patrick, but we can't fire 22 players. We had no choice," Walters told STAR Sports late yesterday afternoon.

"We made a decision with chairman Major Keith Whyte to let him go. With four Red Stripe Premier League games remaining and a Jackie Bell game tomorrow (today), Dejeon Thomas and Hugh Blair will be in charge," Walters added.

Thomas and Blair were Patrick's assistant coaches. Thomas will be interim head coach.

Walters also said efforts were made to contact Patrick but his mobile went unanswered as "we did not want him to turn up at the training ground," the Maverley-Hughenden president said.

"We also heard about the unfortunate incident, which we condemned," he added, referring to death threats made against Patrick by overzealous supporters.

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