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March 22, 2017
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CARL GRANT, founder of stony Hill's Bruising Gym, who has unearthed talents such as Sakima Mullings, Richard 'Frog' Holmes, Michael Gardener and Kesner Davis, has described some of his proteges as 'ungrateful'.

"They are ungrateful. You carry them from nothing and when they reach something, people carry them around a corner and whisper in their ears, and they are gone," Grant told STAR Sports.

"Sakima (Mullings) did it, Michael Gardener did it, Kester Davis did it. Those were my top boxers, my prime. I put all my time and resources in those youths so that when they became professionals all of us could benefit," he said.

"I taught them boxing and, as they get a little name, a man come and whisper in their ears and take them away because we didn't sign any contract with them.

"So you will do the world for these youths and they will let you down. I might feel a way but it is no surprise,"said Grant, who has operated Bruising Gym for nine years.

Meanwhile, Mullings, who shot to fame with a technical knockout of Tsetsi Davis in the seventh round of the 2014 Contender boxing series, said he thought and his former trainer were over that situation and he respects what Grant did for him.

However, he said his situation differed from those of Gardener and Davis.

"Carl Grant knows the reason for me leaving. I don't want to rehash situations we have graduated past, but I don't regret anything," he said.

"I wasn't around the gym when whatever happened between him and Michael or him and Kester. My situation was different and I am not trying to justify them or me leaving, to each his own.

"Carl built those guys from day one. I came to Carl as a ready-made fighter, but that does not discount all the things Carl did for me," he added.

"When I was in the gym Carl was more than a trainer, he was family, my mentor, so I do want anybody to believe it was an easy decision when I left, but I had to do what I had to do for Sakima Mullings," he pointed out.

Grant, however, said his experiences will not sway him from working with young boxers.

"We have to help these kids because they look up to us, we cannot fail them. They are dear to my heart so I cannot leave them and I will not stop working with the youths," he added.

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