KSAFA Super and Major League fixtures

March 25, 2017

KSAFA Super and Major League fixtures

Sat, March 25


Super League Zone A



- Cavalier FC vs Real Mona FC at Winchester Park

- Maxfield FC vs Shortwood United FC at Maxfield Park


Super League Zone B



- Rockfort FC vs Bull Bay FC at Rockfort

- Brown's Town FC vs Rae Town FC at Vauxhall High

- Santos FC vs Central Kingston FC at Bell Chung Oval

Sun, March 26


Super League Zone A



- Barbican FC vs JDF FC at Barbican


Major League Zone A



- Stony Hill FC vs Cooreville Gardens FC at Shortwood

- Molynes United FC vs Meadforest FC at Molynes


Major League Zone B



- Seaview Gardens FC vs Olympic Gardens FC at Earl Pinto Sports Complex

- Whitfield Town FC vs Swallowfield FC at Greenwich All Age

- Greenwich Town FC vs Mountain View FC at Tinson Pen

- Allman/Woodford FC vs New Kingston FC at Alpha Boys

All games start at 3:30 p.m.

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