Against all odds - There is nothing name 'can’t', says McDonald

March 29, 2017


CALL-ROOM official, Hugh McDonald, is one of the more recognisable officials at local track and field meets. McDonald, a former shot-putter for Dinthill High, has been a call-room official for more than 20 years, his way of giving back to the sport.

McDonald lost one of his arm at age seven, a handicap that had no impact on his career as an athlete.

"I was an athlete in high school, so I came to give back to the athletes. For track and field I'm just giving back," he said.

The veteran official said his disability is an example of how to stay positive against all odds.

"I lost my hand at seven years old through negligence of the hospital but life goes on. I don't let anything bother me. I make myself be what I want, nothing is impossible. There is nothing name 'can't', you just have to find other ways of moving around," he reasoned

At track meets, McDonald directs athletes when they come to marshall and check their numbers. At Champs, he is responsible for the decathlon and heptathlon.

McDonald said he would like to see more facilities developed islandwide to accommodate young sports aspirants.

"Special Olympics is my life, my passion. That's where my life is. That's where my heart lies but I would like to see better facilities, especially in the schools and country areas.

"Not everybody have facilities. When they have proper facilities things can happen. This is how you build them and make them worthwhile, having facilities to access and to train," he said.

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