Champs 2017 : Coaches' Corner

March 29, 2017
Danny Hawthorne
Jerry Holness
Dave Anderson


Dave Anderson - Holmwood Technical girls

"The girls are in excellent shape. They have performed well at the various development meets and they are ready to deliver. I strongly believe my team can win. The media can say what they want to say but I have seen in the past where Holmwood won one year by more than 100 points but lost the following year.

This is a Championship. When a team does not get points they are supposed to get, there can be panic in the camp. This has happened on more on one occasions, so I an not writing off my team."


Danny Hawthorne - Wolmer's Boys

"I must say I love the way the people around the track and field team, including the athletes, have embraced me at Wolmer's. The boys are ready to give of their best at the Championships. This team can finish anywhere in the top, but my thing is not about position but to ensure that the guys just go out there and give of their best."


Jerry Holness - Manchester High

"The team has not been doing well but I an hoping to fix that as we have very experienced coaches such as Dwayne Jarrett, formerly of Vere Tech, who is assisting me. We know what to do to be competitive. Unfortunately several of the girls who did well for the team last year has left and gone elsewhere. We are going through a rebuilding process, like any team in sports. w see this with the West Indies cricket team. I am very confident that, in at least another two years Manchester High can return to its glory days. It is work in progress."

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