Shattered! - C'bar star erases 20-year record

March 29, 2017
Calabar Kimar Farquharson wins heat one of the boys Class Two 800 metres in a record 1:51.26. Farquharson earsed the 1:52.27 set in 1997 by Edwin Allen High's Aldwyn Sappleton.


Aldwyn Sappleton's 20-year-old 800-metre class two mark was erased from the books on yesterday's opening day at Champs by Calabar's Kimar Farquharson, who clocked a scorching 1.51.26 to lower the former star's record (1.52.27) by a second.

The Calabar ace, who is also the Red Hills Road first long to middle-distance record holder, had already set the stage for his record-breaking performance earlier in the season, going below the Champs mark with 1.52.04 at Carifta Trials, finishing second to class-one star Tyrese Reid.

Farquharson's intention was clear as he blazed the first 400 metres in under 54 seconds and never looked back. While the competition struggled to stay close, Farquharson went on to win by more than 10 metres.

"I just wanted to set it with a good time. In the final, I will see if I can put it at 1.40 something. I just wanted to get it out of the way because Friday and Saturday are the big days. It depends ... if I will go for it again," he said.

The first Calabar athlete to break a distance-record at Champs, Farquharson said he was proud to hold that honour and distinction.

"I feel fine to break the record. I am the first distance runner from Calabar to break a record so I feel happy to come here and make my school proud but I had no doubt. I was confident going in. I felt comfortable, and I could have gone faster, but it didn't happen," he added.

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