Russell still tentative

March 31, 2017


ISSA-GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Athletics Championships Class Two 100m winner of 2015 and last year's Class Two 110m hurdles champion, Dejour Russell, could still make an individual appearance at the meet presently on at the national stadium.

Russell suffered a minor strain in training on Friday, and acting on advise from their doctors, the Calabar High camp decided to pull the powerful speedster from the 100m event.

However, the school tentatively have him to compete in the 110 hurdles, and although his appearance will depend largely on a fitness test prior to his participation in the hurdles, assistant coach Omar Hawes is positive he will turn out for the race.




"Last Friday he had a cramp and the medical persons who examined him had advised us to take it easy, in terms of the whatever training was left, (and) if we want (him) to do both events. We made a decision Saturday night after he came from the doctor to pull him from the explosive 100m," he said.

Hawes says Russell's progress has been remarkable, but they still do not intend to take any chances with him if he is not 100 percent ready.

"He has shown continued progress in training, and if it is anything to go by it's a good look and he will compete in the heats of the hurdles. If warm up goes well, then he goes out, if not we are going to pull him. The future is very bright for him and if it is going to mean us not using him to win the championship, then we are not going to use him.

Hawes added that the Red Hills Road school's title defence is in tact after two days.

"The first day we did well enough to garner points.. Day two is looking much better for us in terms of qualification for the finals, and we are just taking things in strides, one day at a time, but it is looking good and if it continues the title defence is in a better place," he said.

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