'Don't bet against me' - 'Too Tall' Clarke warns 800m rivals

April 01, 2017
Jauavney James (right) from STETHS leads Leon Clarke (left) from St Jago home in the Class One boys' 800 metre heats.

"Don't bet against me," St Jago's class one star, Leon 'Too Tall' Clarke, said, declaring himself winner of the 800-metre event at Boys and Girls' Champs.

Clarke has the second-fastest time going into today's final behind Rusea's Ackeen Colley.

However, the lanky runner, who won silver last year, said he is confident he can go one better this time around.

"I think anything is possible because you are going to have a very competitive field in the final, but it is up to me go out there and execute on the day," said Clarke.

"I know it is going to be very difficult but I believe that through hard work and dedication, I will achieve my goal," he said.

Clarke, 18, said he trained well for the championships and everyone at St Jago is hoping he can take home gold for the school.

"It is a lot of pressure but I am not bothered by it because I am used to pressure. I know everyone wants to win so I am going to give it my all," he sad.

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