Powell standing by his man, Underwood

April 01, 2017
Orville Powell .


Montego Bay United's owner, Orville Powell, renowned for axing coaches on a whim, said he is standing by the team's new technical director, Roderick Underwood, despite the American's poor run since being put in charge of the defending champions.

Powell has used mainly overseas trainers, few lasting more than six months. The list includes Spaniard Carlos Sanz, Brazilians Neider Santos and Leonardo Neiva, American Tim Hankinson, plus locals Donovan Duckie and Paul 'Tegat' Davis.

Serbian Slavisa Bozicic departed Montego Bay in December. However, Powell said Underwood will have more than coaching responsibilities and will be a part of the club's bigger plans going forward..

"Roderick Underwood is now with us and he will be with us at the start of next season, that I can guarantee," Powell told STAR sports

"To everybody, who see us shifting in terms of coaches, that will not happen this season, irrespective of what happens.


Different capacity


"We are comfortable with the coach. He is here to advise and to be with us in a different capacity, because we are going in a different direction with the club and he will be part of it.

"So he will be a part of us for the remainder of the season, at the start of next season and a part of the plan that we want to go forward," he said, adding that Underwood only joined the club in February and it would be "unfair" to let him go after such a short stint..

"He started at the end of the season and it is unfair to really start at that stage. So it's a continuation of the changes that we expect and want to implement next season. Roderick Underwood will be a part of that restructuring," he insisted..

"I am sure we will have some changes and get a positive vibes back in the camp. We have some idea as to the contributing factors why we are in this slump. These are the things we are working to get right. We know we are not in a good place and we are trying to get a better understanding of how to deal with it," he said.

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