Champs done, exams now - Corcho tells boys

April 04, 2017
Principal Albert Corcho (right) greets top Calabar sprinter Christopher Taylor (centre) during celebrations at the Red Hills school yesterday.

Principal Albert Corcho yesterday morning reminded jubilant members of Calabar's Boys' Champs team that it was time to focus on their books ahead of upcoming examinations now that the Mortimer Geddes trophy was back at Red Hills Road for a sixth consecutive year.

"Now that Champs is behind, exams are what's important. Calabar track team has one other engagement, they will go to the Penn Relays, as customary, but after the Penn Relays all the young men will be confined to revising and studying and getting themselves ready," he said, amid jubilation.

"After Penn Relays, the fifth and sixth formers on the track team will do nothing else until the exams are finished, and we are very confident that we will do well in terms of the exams," Corcho added, noting that the athletes would have missed a number of classes last week due to the five-day championships.




Corcho told STAR Sports that special arrangements were made for the fifth and sixth form members of the track team to start extra classes yesterday in preparations for exams in June.

"Our fifth and sixth formers would have missed a few classes, but we have made arrangements already. Starting this afternoon, the entire track team will get back into school. We have organised the extra classes with a number of our teachers and these classes start at 2.30 p.m., and we will be working with all the students to ensure they are prepared for the exams coming up," he said.

Pointing to the general student population, Corcho said he hoped Calabar's three-point victory at Champs over arch-rivals Kingston College would be a source of motivation going into their final exams.

"We trust that this victory will serve as a motivation. Our sixth and fifth formers, who will sit their exams in a few weeks, this is the type of determination we want to take into your exams. Once you prepare yourself, believe in the teachers around you and have the courage, then you will have the desired result.

"We believe in ourselves and we are second to none. Calabar has what it takes to produce outstanding individuals both in correlated activities and academics. So Calabar has shown the world what championship men are made of and we want to congratulate them (track team) and wish them the best in their exams coming up," he said.

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