Put on your thinking caps - JCA boss agrees with Windies coach

April 06, 2017

Courtney Francis, Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) chief executive officer, has agreed with coach Stuart Law that West Indies players need to get their wits about them and start playing "smart" cricket.

Adding to Law's comments on the eve of the Windies' first of three one-dayers against Pakistan, to whom they had bowed 3-1 in their tour-opening Twenty-20 encounter, Francis said it's a no-brainer.

“In any sport that you play, it requires a lot of thinking, or else you would not be able to compete at the international level where your performance or your talent is recorded so people can watch it over and over, so you have to out-think your opponents in most instances to come out successful,” he pointed out.

“I read the article, and if the article quoted him correctly, I think he did not say anything out of the ordinary. It is something I share here too, that we have to work smarter, instead of working harder. The more you work smarter, you get better results,” Francis told STAR Sports.

“So what he said was perfect, and in any international sport, not just cricket, even in your own day-to-day living, if you don’t plan like that you won’t get ahead,” he added

Francis, however, believes a balance can be struck between brawn and brain, adding that West Indians are just as smart as other cricketers, noting it is just about them thinking strategically and executing well on the day.
“Of course, the man who thinks better and thinks more strategically on the day, usually is the better performer, from the grassroots level up to the highest level,” he said.

The Caribbean men will face visitor’s Pakistan in Georgetown, Guyana, tomorrow.




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