Henry underlines win

April 08, 2017
File Francois Swaby (14, centre) celebrating a goal with members of the Humble Lion team at the Effortville Community Centre.

Humble Lion FC's chairman, Mike Henry, said winning the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) title within the next two seasons is his priority.

The Effortville-based team has never won the nation's premier football trophy, but qualified for the 2012-13, 2014-15 and 2015-16 semi-finals.

Henry said the club could be considered a powerhouse in local football, and winning the premier league title would help to lift its image.

"For three years straight, we have made it to the top four, and once we go on to win, it would add to the stability of the club," said Henry.

Lion is currently second in the 12 team standings, with 57 points from 31 games. They are one point behind front runners UWI FC (58) points.

With two games remaining, the Donovan Duckie-led team has comfortably progressed to the top six.

The chairman, while being buoyed by the team's performances so far, wants to continue encouraging team growth.

"Certainly, in terms of resources, my companies help me a lot. I try to make sure the players are focused overall, and I am a little bit more upfront with my players than some people are," Henry said.

Among Henry's other sporting ambitions is a youth academy in the community, which he wants to build a future for other players and broaden the base of the appeal of the club.

"We are looking at ensuring footballers have a career and are given every credit, but there are things we need to focus on, to improve the lives of players so they can focus more on the game," he added.

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