I'm confident, says KC coach Harrison

April 08, 2017
@Normal:Wayne Pinnock of Kingston College gets some assistance after he pulled up in the Class Two long jump finals on last Wednesday's second day of the 2017 ISSA Boys and Girls' Championships. Pinnock was one of two injured favourites for KC, who lost Champs by 3 points to defending Champions Calabar.
Kingston College principal Dave Myrie.
Head coach Neil Harrison.

Kingston College’s head coach Neil Harrison said he has the backing of that institution’s principal and senior track team members.
Harriosn has come under pressure since KC failed to capture what was thought to be a sure title at last weekend’s Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA)/GraceKennedy Boys’ & Girls’ Athletic Championships.
KC suffered a shock three point loss to the lesser-fancied Calabar, who beat them 317 points to 314 points after the final nail-biting mile relay.
“One thing for sure, the senior boys said in a meeting we had yesterday (Monday), coach, we heard a lot of rumours about you have to go, and their response is, if you go, then we will go with you, and that was heart-rending,” Harrison told STAR Sports.
He described the loss as unfortunate, adding that he does not want to make any excuses.
“I am not one of them who will make excuses. It happens and you just accept defeat with grace,” he said.
“It’s a tough loss, and I would not be truthful if I said I have not felt it in defeat, but you got to pick up yourself and brush off yourself. The fact of the matter is, I have a wife and two kids who support me tremendously and when everybody forsakes me, my wife and my children will always be there for me, so I am quite good,” Harrison said.
Harrison pointed to the unfortunate injuries to key athletes such as Class One sprinter Jhevaughn Matherson and Wayne Pinnock in the 100m hurdles as the main reason KC lost valuable points.
“We really dug deep. We were just unfortunate, and that is how it is, but Kingston College would have won, and that is quite clear, so it’s not a matter of Calabar out-strategising us. People have been stupid by saying out-strategise or out fox that is not the case,” he stressed.

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