Seaga believes team can pull through without Edwards

April 08, 2017

The absence of Tivoli's Gardens FC's head coach, Omar Edwards, who left the island for a three month coaching course in Hungary, is part of the reason the West-Kingston outfit has performed inconsistently, club president, Edward Seaga, said.

Edwards' last game was against Maverley-Hughenden on March 12 and he will not return until June. Tivoli's form, since Edwards' departure, has slumped, but Seaga anticipates he will return before the end of this month.




"I am not sure when coach is coming back. I heard end of April but I am sure he'll be back for the play-offs, the president told Star Sports. "We are in touch, so his absence is not major. The formula is paying off so I don't think we have a problem. He has been invited to Hungary but we have been able to carry through okay, especially in the (Jackie Bell) knockout," he added.

But Rose, confirmed Edwards' stint is three months and that he will not return before the season ends. "The course is three months. No, he will not return before the end of the season," he admitted.

In Edwards' absence, assistant coach Damion Gordon, has taken charge of the side and Seaga believes the players have responded in a positive way. "He was a former player and the boys know the real coach is not there so they accept they have to deal with the assistant coach and he is doing his best,' Seaga said.

"When the times comes and he (Gordon) calls on them, they respond. But we still need a few people up front," he said, as the league's leading scorer, Jermaine 'Teddy' Johnson picked up an injury on Tuesday. "We suffered a grave injury and we hope to bring Jermaine Johnson back soon,' he stated.

Tivoli won once and lost twice in three Red Stripe Premier League games since Edwards left. However, they won their Jackie Bell KO game on penalties against Harbour View on Tuesday.

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