If Burrell is fit, so is CFU boss

April 21, 2017
Orville Powell ... president of Montego Bay United.

Orville Powell, president of Red Stripe Premier League team Montego Bay United has suggested that if members of the local football fraternity were willing to support Jamaica Football Federation President Captain Horace Burrell, then he has no issue with supporting Caribbean Football Union President Gordon Derrick.

Last July, some regional members questioned Derrick's position as CFU head, saying he could compromise the relationship with the world governing body, FIFA.

Powell believes FIFA had the power to do away with the Antiguan if they wanted but chose not to, and noted that other regional football officials, including Jamaica's football president Captain Horace Burrell, were caught in the 2011 Caribbean bribery scandal and were also sanctioned but are still active in FIFA and CONCACAF today.

"We see our own president was sanctioned and nothing happened to him, he is still in FIFA and CONCACAF, so I don't know how there would be a difference in how they operate in a situation with this man," said Powell.




He also does not think that Derrick, being CFU president, will affect the region's relationship with the world governing body.

"I don't think they (FIFA) operate like that. They sanctioned him, so if they were not pleased they would have stated directly that this man cannot run for the CFU or ban him from football, they did not," he insisted.

"It is for us as federations to try as best as possible and support this man. It (the charge) is alleged bribery, the word 'alleged' means he was not convicted of any crime. I don't know anything about him. I want to know what he does and what he has not done (for Caribbean football) and how it affects us as a club here. But I don't see any reason to have any problem with him now," he said.

Derrick, who has been facing increasing pressure to step down as head of the regional football body, was sanction by FIFA for an alleged role in the bribery scandal. He appealed the ban to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS), but was turn down and was restricted from the CONCACAF presidential elections last year.

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