Bolt, Mason were working on 'secret project'

April 24, 2017
Germaine Mason

Germaine Mason and multi-Olympic champion Usain Bolt were working on a "secret project" together according to United Kingdom newspaper the Mirror Online.

Mason, the national high jump record holder, died early Thursday morning after a motorcycle accident on the Palisadoes Road in Kingston.

The UK-based Mason who won a silver medal for Great Britain in the 2008 Beijing Olympics was in Jamaica on holiday.

Reports are that he and Bolt were at a party together earlier that morning. Bolt arrived at the crash scene not long after Mason's accident.

The Mirror Online has quoted senior British athletics coach, Fuzz Caan, who was familiar with both athletes, as saying that Bolt was devastated as both athletes were working on developing the "Bolt brand".

"I know Bolt will be completely devastated. I know they were working on projects together, they were developing the Bolt brand. Germaine had moved on to the next part of his life. It was a future unvisited" said Caan.

Caan spoke about seeing Bolt and Mason in the UK.

"The two were great friends. He and Usain would travel on the buses around London. In Beijing, I was going out with Bolt and Germaine. I was just seen as their mate," he said.

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