Ambulances were at carnival, says Seaga

April 25, 2017
Tivoli Garden's Kemar Seivright takes on Portmore's Ricardo Morris (falling) in a Red Stripe Premier League match at the Edward Seaga Sports Complex on Sunday, April 23.

Tivoli Gardens FC President Edward Seaga said all the ambulances they contacted were contracted for Sunday's carnival, preventing him from being able to acquire one for the Red Stripe Premier League game against Portmore United.

A collision between Tivoli defender Romaine Breakenridge and Portmore's Henrico Ricketts, in the quarter-final match at the Edward Seaga Sports Complex, left both players motionless on the field for some time.

Portmore coach Linval Dixon said the absence of an ambulance to transport the injured players to hospital was disappointing.

Seaga said they had their own emergency plan in place and it proved reliable.

"We couldn't find an ambulance anywhere because all of them were in the (carnival) parade, but we hardly need (one) because we are five minutes away from KPH. I just put them in my car, or a van owned by one of the people who work here, and get there in five minutes," he said.

The players were eventually taken to the Kingston Public Hospital in regular vehicles, while the game went on to end in a 1-1 draw.

Ricketts, who initially appeared the worse of the two, was treated and released, while Breakenridge was kept overnight for further assessment.

"Even if they (players) are injured and I don't have an ambulance, there is no danger in them getting attention," Seaga said.

He noted that it was very unusual for Tivoli not to have an ambulance present at their home game, but insisted it just could not be helped.

"We were the first team to bring ambulance to a game years ago and the others started to follow, but I go to plenty games and see no ambulance, but if you come to mine you'll see it," he said.

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