Swim boss eyes overseas help

April 26, 2017

Jamaica's Swimming Association president Handel Lamey is on the hunt for a technical director, but not locally.

He wants a technical director, hopefully, by the end of the year, an addition which he believes would improve the strength, conditioning and performances of local swimmers.

"We haven't really done all the assessments but, basically, what we are looking at, we might have persons with the potential here, but I don't think they are fully at that level," he told STAR Sports.

"Most of the programmes that do happen now are ones that are run by the various clubs, but we need to sectionalise," Lamey said, adding that temporary help is on the way.


Accomplished coach


"There is still some more work needed, but what we have arranged is to have a very well-known and accomplished coach to come here during the summer to hold a clinic and, hopefully, we can now improve the level of all the swimmers we have," he said.

A local coach, who spoke on condition of anonymity, disagreed that the necessary expertise does not exist in Jamaica but was on the same page with Lamey, agreeing that an impartial overseer made sense.

"Expertise is here in Jamaica but it could be better to bring in an outside technical director on a contractual basis, who can impart expertise while bringing everyone under one umbrella," the prominent coach pointed out.

Lamey said a technical director would be tasked with structuring training regimes, which would keep the athletes improving, as well as conditioned.

"If we had a national technical director, we could structure training for the national squad at intervals, which would keep the squad at a certain level," he pointed out.

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