I am not a troublemaker - Powell says he is standing up for MoBay

May 02, 2017
File JFF President Horace Burrell (left) and MoBay United president Orville Powell
Contributed Montego Bay United FC owner Orville Powell (front, right) stoops next to hat-trick scorer Dino Williams, as the team celebrates its 5-2 win over Waterhouse FC in the 2014 final at the National Stadium.

Despite his many public spats with the Premier League's Players Association (PLCA), businessman Orville Powell, the owner of reigning champions Montego Bay United Football Club (MBUFC), says he is no troublemaker, just a man who believes in standing up for his rights.

"The only way they (the PLCA) could brand me as a troublemaker is if what I am saying is not true," said the outspoken Powell. "So far, nobody is saying that I am lying so why label me a troublemaker."

Powell last week said that his team was not receiving any monthly disbursement from PLCA. He said this is not the case with the other 11 teams in the league.

"After the issues we had with them last season, we wrote to the PLCA, indicating that we would like to terminate our membership," said Powell. "They told us that they would have to seek legal advice on the matter and get back to us ... They did not get back to us."

Subsequent to their request to part company with the PLCA, Powell said that MBUFC were informed by the Professional Football Association of Jamaica (PFAJ), the governing body for the PLCA, that in order to participate in the NPL, they must be a part of the PLCA.

"The fact that we have been participating in the league means that we are a part of the PLCA so there can be no justification for us to be left out of monthly disbursement," said Powell.

However, in defending the PLCA decision in a television interview, Carvel Stewart, one of the organisation's top officials, intimated that MBCC, by their own request, was not a part of the Organisation and had even asked not to be considered for any benefits.

"Since the league started last year, we have met all our obligations to the PLCA so there is no basis on which they can deny us ... We are playing in the league so we must be a part of the league," said Powell. " ... it is because of issues like these why I have to speak out and why they have branded me a troublemaker."

Powell said that MoBay have received no funds from the PLCA all season and has sought legal advice on how to proceed.

"Wi want wi money. The bottom line is that wi want wi money. It is unfair to have us abiding by the same regulations as other clubs, and we have financial obligations, and we just want our money," he said.

"We have creditors now. Our players are getting restless. We have suppliers who are demanding their money. To me, it is not fair play. How is it that the other clubs have everything going normal for them. FIFA is about fair play, and I don't see fair play in this at all," he said last week.

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