Powell vows to get his money

May 05, 2017


Responding to a release from the Premier League Clubs Association that it owes the club no money, Montego Bay United president, Orville Powell says he will be exhausting all his options to ensure he gets whatever funds are due from the PLCA.

In late evening release dated May 3, 2017, the PLCA insisted that MoBay were not members of its body from August 12, 2016 to March 31, 2017 and were therefore not due the "incomes and benefits obtained by it through hard work and much sacrifice" which it also said "are primarily for the benefits of its members. It is not available purely on the basis of participation in the league".

According to the release, MoBay had indicated that its own wishes and desires not to be part of the PLCA.


Negotiated incomes


"On the afternoon of September 2, 2016 a letter dated August 12, 2016 was received at the PLCA's office. The letter ... stated MBUFC's separation from the PLCA with an additional provision that it did not wish any further benefits from PLCA's negotiated incomes" the release added.

However, an independent STAR legal source has said that legally the PLCA is obliged to pay Montego Bay whatever funds would have been paid to its members, as by virtue of participating in the Red Stripe Premier League, it continued to be a member and was therefore entitled to whatever benefits its members receive.

Powell said yesterday that he was not surprised by the PLCA's position.

"Carvel (Stewart) is consistent in what he has been saying from day one that we don't deserve any money," he told STAR Sports.

He added that he would now be pursuing all his options for the club to be paid.

"We will be doing everything in our power to get our money and I think that FIFA has given that sort of power to our federation here (JFF) so if we exhaust that, we will look at our options. The way our leagues run it is FIFA we will try to exhaust all of this through," Powell reiterated.

"I know the intention of the PLCA is clearly not to give Montego Bay United any money. So they are going to find all reasons that we should not get any money," Powell said.

- A.P.

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