I am not to blame - Stewart says she is not the reason Maverley president quit

May 09, 2017
Reno's Chevar Menzie and then Maverley-Hughenden player Rodico Wellington (right) battle for the ball during their Red Stripe Premier League match at Barbican on Sunday, April 9. Wellington has now signed with Waterhouse.

Shanett Stewart is standing by her accusations that Marverley-Hughenden president Craig Walters mismanaged the club and then abandoned it the moment they were relegated from the Red Stripe Premier League.

Walters resigned from the club on Friday one day after Stewart's accusations were published in the STAR.


Best interest


Walters' letter said to the Board of Directors said he was no longer able to fulfill his responsibilities as president and felt it in the best interest of the club to vacate the position.

Stewart, the club's administrator, has come under fire from Walters' supporters but she in turn has said her detractors are more concerned with protecting Stewart from bad publicity than the well-being and progress of the club.

"He left because he wanted to. They say I am the reason he left, but how can an administrator run a president?" she questioned.

"If I was so wrong he should have fired me. If he felt like he wanted to stay and he loved the club and I'm lying, then get rid me," she reasoned.

"The main thing for everybody is that Craig's feelings are hurt and that I said these things. They are talking about me being harsh when I have a whole community, a club and a whole set of players that don't know what's going on," she told STAR Sports.

Stewart has said the support from other club executives and players has been overwhelming.

"Other executives were not upset because the statements are absolutely true," she insisted.

The club is now planning a series of meetings with both players and executives in order to get things reorganised.

Stewart hopes her critics realise that the club is her concern.

"This is bigger than Mr Walters; it is bigger than me. Everybody think that it is me and him having this tug-of-war but that's not the point. Getting the club back on track is going to be hard and I really hope we can go about this properly," she said.

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