Maverley field banned - Club to pay for referee's car

May 10, 2017
Dwayne Dillon


Troubled Maverley-Hughenden Football Club, demoted from the Premier League and mired in one controversy after another, has been dealt a further blow with the indefinite suspension of organised football at Maverley Park, St Andrew.

The Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) moved against the rudderless club, whose president resigned last week, pending a disciplinary hearing involving damage done to referee Malachi Reid's vehicle during a recent Under-20 match at the venue.

The matter is still before KSAFA's disciplinary committee but an impeccable STAR Sports source revealed that it is almost sure that club will have to stand costs.

STAR Sports also understands that referees have since refused to officiate at Maverley where their former coach, Anthony Patrick, had his life threatened by thugs when he turned up for work one morning.


Suspend matches


However, KSAFA general secretary, Dwayne Dillon, refuted reports that referees were shunning the ground. The KSAFA man claimed the venue was instead suspended to avoid "an immediate recurrence" and the administration thought it prudent to suspend matches until the incident was properly deliberated on.

"They have not refrained (from officiating at Maverley), but the matter has not been dealt with and we have suspended playing games there. We don't want another referee go there and you have another incident without this matter being dealt with," he said

Maverley hosted their Under-20 fixture at Duhaney Park last Thursday. However, Dillon said he expects a decision by tomorrow.

"The matter has to be dealt with, and I suspect by Thursday," he said, adding that officials have in the past relaxed security rules to facilitate the playing of matches, but this will not be the case going forward.

"It is a challenge for a lot of clubs to deal with the cost because they have to pay police officers, so some things they normally allow to slip, they will not do so anymore," he said.

Maverley's general manager, Junior Dennis, said KSAFA has outlines what they are required to do and they are awaiting official word from the association.

"They are deliberating on what steps to take. We will assist with the paying of the cost, hopefully they will not come down on us too hard, and just ensure that we put those things in place," he commented.

Dennis also pointed out that it will not be business as usual when referees return to Maverley Park. They will have a designated parking area among other securities.

"When the officials come, whatever time, their parking spot will be there. It will not be a regular spot," he assured.

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