'People have asked me to run'

May 13, 2017


Former vice-president of the Jamaica Olympic Association Don Anderson says some of his colleagues within the regional fraternity have asked him to run for the top post if Mike Fennell demits office next month.

Fennell has stated his intention to leave the JOA next month and current VP Vishu Tolan and Christopher Samuda, have indicated their interest in running for the post.


Serious consideration


Anderson, who was vice president of the association for 32 years, before losing an election to Fennell 19-15 in 2013, says he still maintains ties in the regional fraternity and he has been asked about any intention to run.

"A number of people have asked if I am going to and a number of people have asked me to. I have taken a very long look at it and I have given it serious consideration," he said.

Anderson said however that the manner in which he left the JOA four years ago has given him thought for pause.

"When I reflect on the manner of my separation from the JOA four years ago I see it as the starting from president of JHF in 1979 until now. There has not been a more disappointing painful experience," he said.

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