Fans to pay a second time - Henry

May 19, 2017
Arnett Gardens' Kemiel Wolfe (right) and Humble Lion versus Arnett Garden in second leg of the semi final of the National Premier League football at Effortville in May Pen Clarendon.

Fans who paid to entire to last week's aborted Premier League return leg semi-final match between Humble Lion and Arnett Gardens at Effortville Community Centre will have to pay again.

The match was stopped last Sunday in the 11th minute because of rain and president of the club, Mike Henry, told STAR Sports that there is no option but for fans who return to this Sunday at the same venue and time (3 p.m.) to pay another entry fee.

"There is nothing else we can do," Henry told STAR Sports yesterday morning.

"There was no arrangement for tickets. The administrators should put in place ticket system to assist the clubs. The PLCA (Premier League Clubs Association) says $500, but I have never known of everybody paying that to attend games at Effortville," he added.


Full monetary benefit


However, general manager of the PLCA, Pat Garel, said that the home club is responsible for collecting and gain full monetary benefit from the gate.

"Each of the clubs benefit from home games leading up to the semi-finals. You can't penalise a club for not providing tickets. There is no penalty to the club on how they run it (the gate)," Garel said.

Henry said the decision as to a ticket price will be made later.

"I will make a decision as to whether spectators will pay less. It would be unfair to some spectators. I give my supporters discounts in terms of season passes for home games. My average gate is nothing as we have expenses," the Humble Lion boss informed.

With regards to the game re-starting at the point it was blown off, the PLCA said that is according to the rules.

"In keeping with Article 13 par (page 19) of the PFAJ Regulations the match shall recommence at the minute at which played was interrupted rather than being replayed in full. The regulations also require that in such instances a match should be replayed as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hour of being called off," a statement from PLCA read.

Meanwhile, Henry said that the state of the field is not bad.

Arnett Gardens have a 2-1 advantage from the first leg at the Anthony Spaulding Complex on May 7.

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