Too much pressure on Fletcher - says Underwood after player dropped from Reggae Boyz

May 24, 2017
Cornwall College schoolboy Jourdain Fletcher being upbraided by (from left) coaches Theodore Whitmore, Warren Barrett and Jerome Waite during national senior team training at the National Stadium on Tuesday, May 16.

Montego Bay United coach Rod Underwood has said that Jourdain Fletcher has not shown the commitment needed to make a successful career but is hoping it's not too late for the player given his youth.

The Cornwall College footballer was left out of the latest Reggae Boyz squad after only a week of training after his dedication and commitment were called into question.

"I think the world of JJ (Fletcher) and I want the boy to be successful. Ask him how many meetings I have had with him and how much time I spend with him because I want the player to be successful but every player has to work for what they want," Underwood told STAR Sports.

Underwood admitted to having spoken to Reggae Boyz coach Theodore Whitmore about Fltecher's performance with MoBay FC.

"I told Theodore this is going on at my club with JJ and that he should what he likes but the best players that are committed will play and if they are not then they don't deserve to play," he said.

"I am not telling him how to run his programme, I was just telling him what was happening at my club," he added.

The American coach believes too much pressure was placed on the youngster.

"Saying an 18-year-old is our future is too much pressure on him. It's wrong to put that pressure on him and say he is our savior," he added.

The squad named yesterday included Damion Hyatt; Fabian Reid; Omarley Francis; Shamar Nicholson; Jamiel Hardware; Alex Marshall; Rosario Harriott; Fabian Grant; Javain Brown; Rondee Smith; Ladale Ritchie; Owayne Gordon; Zachary Wallace; Casey Reid; Shawn Genius; Craig Foster; Leonard Rankine; Fitzroy Cummings; Jermaine Johnson; Tevin Shaw, and Rodave Murray.

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