Preparation is key, says UWI's Peart

May 27, 2017
UWI FC players (from left) Kemar Flemmings, Kemoy Atkinson, Girvon Brown and Anthony Greenland. Brown and Greenland were on target as UWI FC drubbed Tivoli Gardens 4-0 in their Red Stripe Premier League match at the National Stadium on February 12.

UWI FC assistant coach Andrew Peart said the team's vast experience in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) despite their short time in the top flight will count for very little when they meet Portmore United in tomorrow's second-leg semi-final at the UWI Bowl at 3 p.m.

UWI hold a 2-1 advantage from the first-leg. Peart believes that preparation is key and he has all confidence that his team will advance in historic fashion.

"It's not about Portmore being in the league longer. There's no advantage in terms of that (experience). It comes down to the preparation, and both teams have quality players and have shown throughout they deserve to be here," he said.




"It's on the day ... the desire of the players and their ability to concentrate throughout the game and execute," he said.

UWI have seasoned RSPL players in their ranks, including Keammar 'Dada' Daley, Dawayne Smith and Girvon Brown.

"We are just looking to perform collectively as a team, as we have been doing all season," Peart added.

Portmore returned from the Caribbean Club Championship last weekend, where they played four matches in a week.

UWI were inactive through that period, but Peart said that is not a concern.

"I can't say (inactivity) is a disadvantage. We knew this was going to happen if Portmore made it through the final round of the CFU championship, so we had time to prepare and plan," he said.

"I expect it to be difficult, but we are confident we can progress to the final," he concluded.

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