UEFA says it will be Europe's turn to host World Cup in 2030

June 02, 2017
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CARDIFF, New York (AP):

UEFA says Europe deserves to host the World Cup in 2030, presenting a challenge to Chinese aspirations.

The 2018 tournament is being staged in Russia, but Qatar has the 2022 edition and North America is likely to be awarded the 2026 hosting rights.

"It is Europe's turn in 2030, so we will fight for a European host," said UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin.

Argentina and Uruguay are also pursuing the centenary tournament in 2030. Uruguay hosted the first tournament.

China is eager to mount a bid for the 2030 World Cup despite current rules effectively blocking another Asian bid before the 2034 edition.

Smartphone and software maker Vivo on Wednesday became the third World Cup sponsor to sign up from China in the last two years.

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