Former NY Knick Oakley heading to trial in August

June 03, 2017
Former New York Knick Charles Oakley.


Former New York Knicks player Charles Oakley has chosen to go to trial in August on charges that he struck a security guard at Madison Square Garden.

Oakley appeared briefly before a Manhattan judge yesterday.

He rejected a conditional dismissal that would have left him with a clean record after six months of good behaviour.

Oakley became a fan favourite when he played for the Knicks from 1988 to 1998.

However, he had a falling out with the organisation in recent years.

On February 8, he sat a few rows from Knicks owner James Dolan at a game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Security approached Oakley early in the game and a fracas ensued. Oakley was removed from the building and handcuffed.

Oakley says he didn't do anything wrong.

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