Maverley cool with probation, no field ban

June 03, 2017
Stacious takes the ball around a defender during the Magnum Female Clasico held at the Maverley Football Field earlier this year. The club has expressed relief that the field was not banned by KSAFA following an incident in an Under-20 game.

Maverley-Hughenden Football club secretary, Shanette Stewart, said the one year probation handed to them by KSAFA for vandalising the car of referee, Malachi Reid, after an under-20 game at Maverley Park on April 27 was 'fair'.

Stewart said the club and community's greatest fear was that the venue would be banned.

"We are just glad that the field is not banned. With all of the turmoil that we have been through we could not afford for the field to be banned at all," she told STAR Sports.

"We couldn't take another distress right now, so we will work with that (decision) and make sure we have our home games at home, because we have a good field so it's fair," she added.

The probation means that two uniform officers and six club executives are required for home games and must be identified before the start of the game. The club was also been fined $25.000.


Probation period


KSAFA in a release said it expects Maverley to make special effort to ensure there is no repeat of the incident as they will be monitoring the club closely through the probation period and will take the necessary steps if they deem the ground not suitable for visiting teams.

"Despite all the drama we will definitely uphold what KSAFA wants but we couldn't take that blow (being banned)," Stewart said.

Stewart added that she expects no recurrence in the future as the community has been sensitised and knows what is expected of them.

"When they (fans) realised it (field) could be banned they were quite upset but we explained to them and told them if it doesn't get ban then the community members have to behave properly at games," she said.

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