Consistent Grandison leads from the front

June 05, 2017
Portmore United's Ewan Grandison.

Portmore United's road to a second successive Premier League final has been largely due to the outstanding and consistent contributions of captain Ewan Grandison, fellow midfielder Michael Binns and striker Ricardo Morris.

The trio netted 18 of the team's 49 goals this season. Grandison is their leading scorer with nine goals.

'Butter' packs a lethal shot in his right foot and is deadly from range.

The 26-year-old forms a solid partnership with Binns. Together, the hard-working, hard-tackling pair protects the defence and drives the team forward from midfield.

Binns, 28, is not only one of the better passers in the team, but one of the best in the league. He usually sits deep, picks his passes and tries to dictate the pace of games. Most of his six goals this season came from distance.




The energetic Grandison usually roams from box to box, but is equally dangerous from outside the area and from set pieces. His eight goals in the preliminary showed he is more than capable of finding the net.

Striker Ricardo Morris has been the main antagonist for Portmore although he has netted only three goals. The lanky attacker is a major threat when it comes to breaking down opposing defence. His skills, pace, confidence, and trusty left foot constantly provide his fellow attackers with opportunities to score.

With 43 goals, Portmore were the fourth highest scorer this season. With 30 against, they had the fourth best defence.


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