Beckford promises JFF presidency challenge

June 06, 2017
Danny Beckford

Just days after his six months suspension ended, controversial St Ann Football Association President, Danny Beckford, has reaffirmed his intention to challenge for the JFF presidency at the next JFF elections.

Beckford believes his religious conviction and social status may hinder his ambitions, but said it is a risk he is willing to take for the future of local football.

"What we are calling for now - is that being incapacitated - the captain must step aside now. No disrespect, but the nation's football has to run," he said.

The outspoken Beckford, who is Rastafarian by faith, noted that there are some prejudices he perceived that will hamper his chances of taking the nation's top football job, but revealed there are persons in his corner supporting him.

"We know you have a lot of hypocrisy in football politics and with Danny Beckford you know the whole thing where religion and social status is concerned, but that don't bother me," he asserted.

"I have at least six (parish) presidents, with myself, who in all their sense and purpose will support me on certain things," he added.

Beckford insisted that his relationship with most of the members has been restored, but he remains very critical of general secretary, Raymond Grant and questions his ability to administer the nation's football effectively.

He added the biggest hurdle will be nomination and once he is able to clear that obstacle, he will allow the chips to fall where they may.

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