Rivoli confident of 100 per cent play-off wins

June 10, 2017
Chadwick Prawl, (left) of Rivoli and Shawn Lawes, (right) of Cavalier play in a RSPL football match at Stadium East on Sunday, September 27, 2015. The two will meet in the RSPL play-off on Sunday.

Rivoli United qualified for the Premier League for the first time in 2002/2003 and since then they have been back on three other occasions.

All four times they have been to the play-offs, the Spanish Town club have never failed to manouevre and advance, and this season, coach Anthony Thompson expects it to be no different.

Thompson, who assisted the team in qualification twice in the past, says the South Central Confed and KSAFA are the two strongest confederations and teams there are usually favoured.

"This gives us confidence, because our confed has been doing well with KSAFA and that is a factor. South Central and KSAFA are very competitive. I haven't seen Sandals or Priory but for this team the goal is the Premier League," he said.

The team boasts experienced players in Jeremy Nelson, Fabian Gordon, Valentine Gardener, Owen Walters and Shannon Bartley in goal.

Thompson believes they have a well-balanced team of youngsters and experienced players.

However, getting a result in their opening play-off game is of utmost importance.

"The aim is to get off the mark. I have been there before so I understand the format, teams with 11, 12 points will be qualifying, so the aim is to reach that goal (12 points) and see what happens after that.

"The first match is very important. We have to get off the mark. This is a match to assess the team and assess the play-offs and see what it is like, because we all are champions.

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