Every game a three-pointer from here - Rivoli's coach

June 13, 2017

Rivoli were up to yesterday pondering the fate of midfield general, Jeremy Nelson, who picked up a red card against Cavalier during their 1-1 draw in a Premier League play-off at Prison Oval on Sunday.

Whereas, a Rivoli club administrator told STAR Sports Nelson could be hit with a three-match ban and would not play until after the return game against Cavalier, coach Anthony Thompson yesterday said he was unaware of that scenario.

Nelson was shown the exit after 58 minutes for violent play.

"There is no meeting yet so, until the meeting, we cannot confirm that but I haven't heard anything like that, and it wasn't a situation where the (opposing) player got damaged," Thompson argued.

Rivoli travel to Westmoreland tomorrow to face Sandals South Coast in their second match without the key component of their attack, Nelson.

However, Thompson said someone has to step up to the plate, adding that after the disappointment of drawing their first game, there is nothing but three points on his mind.

"He is one of my most experienced players and goalscorers but we have a squad and somebody has to fill the spot. Maybe I will find a better man," he mused.




"I am going to miss him, so somebody else has to come out brilliant, try motivate the players and get the best out of them. The aim is for somebody to fill the spot, somebody has to take up his position, because no one man play the game.

"We are disappointed because we should have won the (first) game. We scored and gave up a soft one that was unnecessary, but we got many opportunities and didn't put them away, then we went down to 10 men, so we had to lock off going forward and try to keep the one (goal).

"But if I'd won the first game, I would be going for a draw, but now I am going there to get all three. Every game I play, I will go for three points and f I don't get three I will take one, but the main thing I am vexed with is that we should have taken care of our home game, so we have to make up for it," he added.

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