Church, other events keep stadium complex afloat

June 14, 2017


Major Desmon Brown, general manager of Independence Park Ltd (IPL), commonly referred to as the National Stadium complex, said the facility has been earning as much of its income from non-sporting events as it does from sports.

Independence Park houses the National Stadium, National Arena, National Aquatics Centre, National Indoor Sports Centre and Stadium East. There is also an outdoor volleyball area.

"It's about 50-50 right now," Brown told STAR Sports yesterday, adding that church and entertainment events were carrying the bulk of the revenue.

An area in the eastern section of the car park near Mountain View Avenue, 'Mas Camp', is also dedicated to the staging of entertainment events.

"Over the last two years our usage has increased significantly; more people are having events. We are trying to encourage more people to use the facility. We are marketing the car park as an event area and we have had events there, and even along Statue Road. We are trying to market different areas," Brown explained.


Government subsidies


He added that part of the reason non-sporting events were earning Independence Park Limited more income was because local sporting associations receive government subsidies and more discounts for usage.

"The government has an initiative where they provide funding for sporting associations. Where they are selecting teams for national events, they provide funding for them to use the stadium. Once it can be classified as selection or training, they can have access to government funds," Brown said.

Brown said IPL is not yet self-sufficient as it receives about a quarter of its operational income from Government.

"About 25-30 per cent of our income come from the Government for operations. All capital requirements still come from the Government," he explained.

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