Coaches must get the best from everyone says Gardner

June 19, 2017

Former national football captain Ricardo 'Bibi' Gardner says the biggest difference between being a player and being a coach is the fact that as a player he had someone telling him how to think, while coaches have to learn about everyone else's personality.

"You have to have man-management skills as a coach and try and get the best out of the players every day in training," Gardner told STAR Sports.

Gardner, who was recently given the task of leading Harbour View FC into the 2017-18 Red Stripe Premier League season, was also appointed coach of the National Under-20 programme.




The former Bolton man, who was known for his discipline, work ethic, and a technically accurate left foot, said making the switch from a player to coach took some adjustments, but that he has been making the modifications.

"You have to create a positive environment, somewhere they (players) will enjoy coming each day and something they want to be a part of. So you have understand the players you are around and the club you are with," he expounded.

Gardner, who has aspirations of becoming national senior team coach some day, admits that uniting players can be a difficult task.

"It's a tough job trying to bring all these players together as a team, but I give it 100 per cent and let's see where that takes us," he said.

The former national captain added that he intends to put his own mark on the Harbour View team in the coming campaign and knows making a good impression in the nation's top-flight league will be crucial if he is to ascend to the country's top football job one day.

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