Not an easy road - Edwards eager to share Hungary experience

June 20, 2017

Fresh from a three-month "eye-opening" coaching stint in Hungary, Tivoli Gardens' Omar Edwards said though Jamaica's football woefully lacks infrastructure and professionalism, he believes he can implement ideas he learnt - even though it might be difficult due to the realities of local football.

"I was away for 11 weeks. I studied not only the areas of football, but also the overall science, so we could appreciate and understand the human-body functions and the workload we could add or decrease to get optimum performance from players," he said.

"Look at the infrastructure there to here, and it's night to day. The infrastructure and playing surfaces (there) actually motivate players to give their best," he pointed out.

Edwards visited football academies and saw young players being prepared at the grassroots, enlightening the importance of getting it right with youngsters.

"If you don't get it right, chances are they will pick up lots of bad habits, and those bad habits can be difficult to correct in the latter part," he stated.




He also got the chance to view division-one games and watch the senior Vasas team in training. The general training environment, he said, makes a big difference in helping players reach their optimum level.

"The coach comes to training, demonstrate what he wants, steps aside and allow the players to carry out the tasks. There is no disturbance in training, the players can totally focus on the tasks, and the intensity at which they train was amazing, so the overall professionalism there, we would really love to get that in Jamaica," he said.

Despite shortcomings in local football, Edwards believes he can put into practice what he learnt.

"In Jamaica, our task is really a hard one but I believe, as coaches, we can get the best out of players if we stand up firm and make the players respect us and believe in us.

"I strongly believe I can impart what I learn on my team because my players believe in me. They normally have confidence in what I offer, so it will not be the most difficult task for my players to buy into my ideas, based on how I have packaged it over the years," he said.

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