Edwards hints at pay increase - Seaga says not until I see my budget

June 21, 2017

TIVOLI Gardens head coach, Omar Edwards, who recently returned from a two-and-a-half month coaching stint in Hungary, told STAR Sports that negotiating an improved contract will be among his discussions with the Premier League team.

Edwards left Tivoli during the last quarter of the recently concluded season for an 11-week course sponsored by the Jamaica Olympic Association and Jamaica Football Federation.

He said preseason talks with club president Edward Seaga will focus on regular preparations and requirements as well as salary negotiations.

"Me and the president is suppose to sit and talk about the club's overall situation. It will involve the overall club preparation. We will sit and have the usual dialogue, basically things we need to put in place so we can start and have a successful season.

"That (an improved contract) could also be a part of the dialogue but it's more about things that is needed and the way to move forward into the upcoming season," he said.

Meanwhile, Seaga said he expects Edwards to be back for another season, but refused to budge on the salary issue until he had dialogue with the coach and has an idea of his budget.


Next season


"We don't have any reason why we wouldn't to have him back. If anything emerges that we cannot handle then we will see how it goes but we want to work with him.

"I can't say if he will be back next season. I don't know about a salary increase until I know what my budget is for next season," Seaga said, noting he has a few months to iron things out before the start of the season.

Edwards, meanwhile, said he had every intention of returning to Tivoli.

"It is my intention to return and, if things go according to plan, I will be back at Tivoli Gardens. The plan is to improve the team. I hope the players will continue to trust my judgement and buy into my philosophy so we can improve their overall attitude.

"Once we can improve our players' attitude then eventually the game will grow and we can improve their lives through football," he said.

Edwards has made a name for himself as a coach over the last two years. He first came to prominence when he led Boys' Town to the Corporate Area Under-20 championship. This was followed by an assistant coach role with the national Under-17s.

However, Edwards' employers at the time refused to grant the young coach leave to attend a three-week training stint with the young Boyz in Brazil. Unfazed, the determined and self-motivated Edwards made the trip nevertheless, losing his job in the process.

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