Wynter relishes test among men

June 24, 2017
Katherine Wynter in action at the recent Jamaica International Badminton tournament at the National Indoor Sports Centre.


Jamaica's top badminton women's singles player, Katherine Wynter says she is delighted to have been given the opportunity to test herself against her male counterparts at the upcoming series of competitions to be held by the Jamaica Badminton Association.

Wynter cited a lack of match practice as the reason for her request to play against the men.

"When I get to national tournaments I want to be able to play more matches before I get to the final.

"Normally, I just play one match then you just go to the final, so for the entire tournament you end up playing two matches. That's really why I took this initiative and I'm really happy that the badminton association has granted this request, I'm really thankful for it," said Wynter.

Wynter, who won the bronze medal in the 2016 Pan American Championships Mixed Doubles, says she believes that playing against the men will be challenging but it will also help her to improve her game.

"The men on a whole play much faster than the women.

"They move faster, they move the shuttle around the court much faster and it will enable me to get used to the speed at which they play and the speed that they move the shuttle at so I can definitely improve on speed," Wynter said.

The 2016 Jamaica International Women's Doubles champion admits that she is not in the best form and will be looking to sharpen up during the tournaments.

"I myself am not as quick as I should be and I think if my opponent is faster than me and moves quicker than me then it will force me to try to step up and move faster as well, so I think it will really help me in that regard," Wynter explained.

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