Cavalier charge back into Premier League

June 26, 2017


Cavalier overcame a poor history at Drax Hall to qualify for next season's Red Stripe Premier League following a 2-0 win over Priory SA in the Premier League play-offs yesterday.

The last time the teams played in a Premier league qualifier at this venue, Volvo (now Priory) beat them to foil their chances.

The win yesterday meant that the Rudolph Speid-coached Cavalier went to nine points. No two teams can pass them which means they are through to the top flight after one season out.

Meanwhile, Sandals South Coach, which was closer to qualification after needing only a point, were surprised 4-1 by Rivoli who were on fire with a Jeremy Nelson hat-trick at the Prison Oval.

Nelson scored in the 11th, 67th, and 85th minutes while substitute Davion Alves scored the other goal for Rivoli in the 87th minute.


Have control


Sandals equalised courtesy of a penalty from Ron Daley in 50th minute but Nelson proved too much.

The win pushed Rivoli onto five points while Sandals South Coast stayed on eight points.

Coach Aaron Lawrence took comfort in the fact that they still need only a point to qualify.

"We have one more game and we need only a point," he told STAR Sports.

"We still have control of qualification. It is in our hands," he added.

Anthony Thompson of Rivoli said his team had a disciplined performance unlike the other games and that made the difference.

"We have to take care of our home game against Priory. They realised that their back was against the wall and came out to score some goals and that was achieved today.

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