'Cement Kid' give final salute to Burrell

June 27, 2017
Former national footballer Horace Samuels.

Former national footballer Horace 'Cement Kid' Samuels says he is still trying to come to terms with the death of  Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) Captain Horace Burrell.

Samuels, had a deep longstanding history with his former commander, Burrell, who will be buried today.  He, along with Michael Tulloch, Erric Currie and several other national players were among those under the command of Burrell, who was the force football officer.  During this period, the ‘Marching Men’ were at the top of Jamaica’s football as Burrell ensured they were well-treated.  

“I first met him when I came down from recruit training and was posted to the First Battalion. He knew I used to play for Reno,” Samuels said.  “He would go out of his way to ensure you are comfortable....  We as players in the army were treated like professional footballers.  He tried to ensure we got off certain duties, so we did not do a lot of patrolling and things like that," Samuels said.

“He made all the soldiers live in one barrack room, as a team.  We had our own truck, own driver; our own medic.  When we got injured we had assigned persons at Medical Associates and went to see the best physiotherapists.  That was how serious he took football, so the things that he did for the Jamaican national programme, it started in the JDF, but a lot of persons wouldn’t know,” he added.



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