No 'shady' business, Cavalier - Rivoli warns

July 01, 2017
Rivoli United's head coach Anthony Thompson

Rivoli United's coach Anthony Thompson is hoping Cavalier does not undermine the team's chances of qualifying for next season's Premier League by playing a weakened team in their game against Sandals South Coast tomorrow.

Cavalier have already qualified for next season's RSPL leaving Sandals South Coast and Rivoli as the team's vying for the one remaining spot. Sandals need a point to qualify while Rivoli must win against Priory in their game at the Prison Oval.

If Rivoli are to oust Sandals for the one remaining spot, they must beat Priory and hope that Sandals lose to Cavalier, and Thompson is calling on Cavalier to put out their best team, with trophy and money at stake.


Bad for football


"If Cavalier are honest and play football I know this (Sandals) team cannot beat Cavalier but I have to do my work at home first and then I can hope for that game, but if Cavalier come and play their game they (Sandals) cannot beat Cavalier," he stressed.

Thompson urged Cavalier to play their strongest team tomorrow.

"That (not putting out best team) would be bad for football. We have a trophy playing for and $200.000. So it's a trophy competition and a money competition. If Cavalier come and falter, they (authorities) need to have a look at them," he said.

"If this team (Sandals) get the better of them then they would have 11 points and they would be the champion and no team want another to finish ahead of them but we just hope Cavalier come and play their honest game," he said.

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