Walters eyeing Maverley return

July 06, 2017

IN a dramatic turnaround, former Maverley/Hughenden president, Craig Walters, has made a U-turn and wants to return as a member of the club's executive. However he's not willing to work with General Manager Junior Dennis and Secretary Shanette Stewart, who alleged that he had neglected the club after its demotion from the Premier League in May.

General Secretary Glenroy Flowers confirmed a meeting was held recently to form an interim body at which Walters indicated he wanted to remain with the club. Though Flowers and other executive members are willing to work with Stewart, they, too, shunned Dennis.

"He (Walters) is coming back. I cannot definitively say (as president). Mr Walters is not going anywhere, but he does not want to be president," said Flowers, admitting Walters has had issues with Dennis and Stewart.

However, he pointed out that Stewart has been helpful and he supported her stance against how Walters managed the club in the Premier League. Flowers said a enquiry would be held with Walters before any inclusion.


Have no idea


"No one is willing to work with him (not) Major (chairman, Keith White), the sponsors nor others who put money in the club," Flowers said of mounting grievances against a dejected Dennis, though not willing to offer much, said he was "done with it" when contacted by STAR Sports.

Neither Stewart nor Dennis were invited to the meeting and claimed to have no idea of what took place.

"Miss Stewart is a good person, very transparent and calls it as it is. I am going to be as straightforward as she is. Whatever she told you (about the club and Walters), she was not lying, so I would love working with Miss Stewart," said Flowers.

"I also have no problem with Mr Walters. He's a good person but made some mistakes. I am the club's final official officer, so he (Walters) is answerable to me. Whenever I meet with him and the group, he will have to tell me why we were demoted to Premier League and what will be the difference going forward. It cannot be the same as before," he insisted.

Stewart, however, believes letting Dennis go would be a grave injustice, claiming his passion and enthusiasm as a club representative were second to none.

"To dismiss Luca (Dennis) wouldn't be fair, put him in a position he gets the job done. He has been there from his playing days. I don't understand why everybody wants him out. He puts in a lot more effort than most people and there is great respect for him outside," said Stewart.

"However, if Mr Walters wants to be a apart of Maverley football and does not want to work with me, I will not work with him and I will not work with the club," she added.

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