Humble Lion will go forward with Duckie

July 08, 2017

Humble Lion will be sticking with coach Donovan Duckie though he failed to carry the team to the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) final in the two seasons he has been in charge.

Club chairman Mike Henry told STAR Sports that the administrative staff and directors met recently and decided that Duckie would remain.

"He (Duckie) has been there for two seasons. We don't have a contract with him but I hire and fire coach. I have the right to do that and conceded it to no one," Henry said.

Humble Lion advanced to the semi-final of the RSPL last season, where they were defeated by eventual champions Arnett Gardens.

Meanwhile, the club is preparing for next season.

"We will start preseason training on Monday, July 17 at Effortville. We have been reviewing and analysing the issue in order to cross t's and dot i's," Henry explained.

That includes having players pay their relevant state taxes.

"We ensure that the players pay Education Tax and Housing Trust (NHT) in order to raise stature and livity. Our contract with the players will relate to that," Henry continued.

Humble Lion has been known to add a lot of senior players to their squad, but being in the semi-finals in the RSPL for the last four seasons does not bring satisfaction to them.

"We will be looking at young players in the parish (Clarendon). It's a more comprehensive approach to the new season. For four years we have been in the top four and not winning," Henry said.

Henry also said they are looking at upgrading the surface of the field and already two of the stands are covered with zinc to protect spectators.

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