Former players turn their backs on Maverley

July 15, 2017
Reno's Chevar Menzie and then Maverley-Hughenden player Rodico Wellington (right) battle for the ball during their Red Stripe Premier League match at Barbican on Sunday, April 9. Wellington has now signed with Waterhouse.

Neglected community players, the historical backbone of Maverley Football Club, have been shunning the St Andrew outfit since its relegation from the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL).

Club general secretary, Glenroy Flowers, said the club is still reeling from mismanagement during the last RSPL season.

Flowers told STAR Sports that the club strayed from its customary policy and neglected community players who brought them to the top-flight and now those players have turned their backs on the club and sworn never to represent them again.

"Now we don't have any players, as none of the former players want to play. They are saying they were rejected and they felt they were disrespected, so they say we must not look to them now that we are out of the Premier League," he said.

"When we qualified I said we did not need new players but that we should use the players who qualified us and get some outstanding Manning Cup and daCosta Cup players and build them for the future.


Interim executives


They did not do that. Now if you go around the community and ask how many players want to play for Maverley, there's none. So we will have to start from scratch," he said.

Flowers also took the opportunity the clear the air on comments he made regarding general manager, Junior Dennis, in a STAR article on July 6. He said though most of the current interim executives are not willing to work with Dennis, personally he has no problem working with him or anyone else.

"I am never one to lay down any rules that I will not work with X or I will not work with Y. That is not me. Everyone make mistakes and most local clubs have problems," he said.

"Mr Dennis made some mistakes but he made them with good intentions. I don't have a problem working with Mr Dennis. I don't have a problem working with Mr (Craig) Walters (former president) either because they all have good qualities. We try to do the best we can all times, but sometimes the best is not good enough," he reasoned.

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