Liguanea make KSAFA return 13 years later

July 22, 2017
Liguanea United club vice-president Andre Virtue.

After 13 years in the wilderness Liguanea United will make a return to Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) competitions with the association's Under-13 and Under-15 championships this year.

"We have been out for the past 13 years because of problems that arise in the past. It is a good feeling to be back. It will benefit over 300 kids and adults," Liguanea United interim president Anthony Simpson told STAR Sports yesterday.

"For now we will play in the upcoming Under-13 and Under-15. The ultimate plan is to participate in all youth and senior competitions in KSAFA," Simpson said.

"In the past we failed to abide by the rules and did not fill the obligations by playing in the youth competitions which are mandatory for participation in the senior league," he disclosed.


Disciplinary reasons


This will be the second time Liguanea are making a return to KSAFA competitions. They were also out during the 1990s because of disciplinary reasons. The team won the Syd Bartlett competition and was second in the Major League in the 1990s after their return.

"We want to have a properly managed club in order to develop the youths to be good citizens in the country, we are also looking forward to exporting players," Simpson said.

Liguanea have produced former national stars such as Arthur Lattimore, Keith Lattimore, Luke Whitney, Mark Cobran, Richard Murray and others. Some of these players are expected to come back in order to rebuild the club. The club will participate in Zone A during the preliminary stage of the Milo/KSAFA Under-13 and Under-15 competitions that is set to begin on July 30.

The other members of Liguanea interim executive body include former national youth and Jamaica College star Andre Virtue as vice-president; Kurt Anderson, general secretary and Michael Lee Gianville, treasurer.

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