Lookout gets $million facility

July 25, 2017
Lookout in Hanover.

A campaign launched eight months ago to raise US$10,000 (approximately $1.3 million) to construct a football field has surpassed expectations.

In addition to getting a total of US$10,265 from 112 people through Gofundme, a crowdsourcing website, Albert Martin is in the process of setting up a stellar facility at Lookout in Hanover.

"This project is close to his heart and he needs help," Martin said as he made a passionate plea for persons to give money so that Brother Al can continue his project.

In his plea for help, Martin said most of the kids currently play bare-footed on a field that is full of gravel.

"With the completion of this project, he will be able to provide an opportunity for the soccer players in his community who enjoy playing the game they love on a field full of grass and not rocks ... Money is the obvious need, but I told Brother Al I can get it done. If the game of soccer has impacted your life in any way, your donation to a project like this would be most gratifying," Martin wrote.

The money raised will be used to purchase equipment, including lights, goalposts, a lawnmower, soccer balls, soccer gear, and lumber to build a clubhouse.

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